WCI provides total light spectrum of global LED lighting manufacturing services.

PCB Design & Layout:

WCI will accept customer’s designs and will take it from there. But, if you don’t have a design for your project, don’t worry, because WCI can provide you with design and layout services to your PCB. WCI’s design process may vary from 1-2 business days based on project complexity. WCI has a large variety of popular LED modules available in stock which you might find them suitable for your projects. Please make sure to check out our LED module tab and contact us for pricing.

Prototype Assembly:

After having the approval on the design, we step in to prototype assembly. We can turn around customized prototypes within 2 weeks.

LED Module Assembly:

WCI communicates with its customers to understand their project requirements and specifications. Next, we will provide solutions for the project based on the latest technology available in the market to enhance the performance to the LED modules and the entire system. We provide rigid, flex and rigid-flex printed circuit board assembly.

Mass Production:

After satisfying our customer’s needs in the prototype phase, we can quickly go to production. Based on customer requirements and forecast we plan to manufacture and deliver on the dates the customer wants their products. Our key advantage is our quick-turn production time. We can deliver productions in 1 – 2 days when we have your forecast. This is how we establish ever-lasting relationships with our customers.

Product Assembly:

WCI has the capability to provide box-build services to its customers to fully assemble a product. If you don’t have the warehouse to stock items for your product assembly, don’t worry, we can help you with that.

Conformal Coat:

We now offer conformal coat services to our LED lighting customers for all LED lighting applications.