About World Class Illumination Inc. (WCI)

World Class Illumination Inc. (WCI) is a subdivision of a well-known family owned electronic manufacturing service company called World Class Electronics Inc. (WCE) which was established in 1988. WCI’s main concentration is in LED lighting industry for many years and is now one of the best LED lighting manufacturing company in California. With our exceptional knowledge and experience in LED lighting applications, WCI has built over 200 different varieties of LED modules for many different lighting applications, assembling over 15M LED chips in 2016 for more than 50 LED lighting companies.

WCI has been serving the LED lighting industry for over 15 years, offering a full spectrum of LED lighting manufacturing services from LED lighting solution, design and quick prototypes through volume turnkey manufacturing, electromechanical assembly and testing.  WCI’s products and services are being used for many lighting markets as indoor, outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial, medical, entertainment lighting and many other markets.

WCI is headquartered in Newbury Park, California, USA using 25,000 sqf facility that is laid out in a two story building with attached warehouse, Stock room, high-tech SMT department, through-hole assembly area, test department, shipping, two conference rooms, engineering and management offices. 

WCI is ISO 9001 Certified through its parent company, with fully trained staff to IPC 610 Class II & Class III and J-STD-001.  We have an outstanding material management and purchasing team, providing full turn-key production programs from single projects, through scheduled production deliveries. WCI expedites the orders within a day from receiving them and we have always benefitted our customers with our quick turn-around production rate.

We are 100% sure that you will benefit from our unique services and capabilities. Considering WCI as your one-stop LED lighting manufacturing specialist to fulfill all your LED lighting assembly and production needs for LED boards and drivers, is the best decision you can make. We have the capabilities to design, assemble and box-build a product from A to Z. We excel in quality, on-time delivery and customer service without charging a penny for expediting orders.

If you are considering ways to get more value, better quality and flexibility from your manufacturing program, please allow us to give you a formal presentation.  If you like what you see, allow us to respond to your RFQ, call our references, talk to our expert staff and clearly see why you should choose WCI.

Tangible Benefits:

WCI provides exceptional and real-time benefits to its customers.

    • Flexible:  WCI is a family owned business which gives it the opportunity to be highly flexible and eliminate bureaucracy.
    • Quality: WCI is UL, ROHS and ISO 9001 certified for more than a decade. WCI builds what the customer wants. The quality of our products will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
    •  Rapid turn-around rate: WCI has the ability to ship out products within 24 hours from receiving the orders. WCI’s capability in fulfilling expedited orders is one of a kind in the industry without charging any expediting fees.
    •  Reduce costs: You do not need to stock high quantities of inventories and take the risk of piling products which might become old comparing new LEDs in the market. You will have WCI’s support in fast production to eliminate all these risks to your business. WCI has a large warehouse and will stock required material for you. No quantity is too big or too small for us and in matter of hours or days we will fulfill the order for 1 to 1 million products.
    • Reliable: WCI consistently can be called upon for any customer needs. We are eager to listen and provide what the customer wants.
    • Resources: WCI is a well-known company having great relationships with all LED manufacturer brands and Component manufacturers or distributors in the market. As a matter of fact we use all different brands of LEDs and we are not restricted to a specific manufacturer.
    • Knowledge: WCI has more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in LED lighting applications specifically delivering cost effective services in the USA.
    • Competitive Prices: With all that been said, WCI offers the best competitive prices in the market. All you have to do is to ask for a quote to see it yourself.
    • No expediting fees: WCI does not charge any expediting fees while providing high quality and fast services.

WCI provides seamless coordination in all aspects of LED lighting solutions by manufacturing LED engines and drivers for all kinds of lighting applications. WCI offers the highest quality and quickest turn-around rate at competitive prices. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you make what you need for your LED lighting products and applications.

How we do it

1. Understand our customer’s needs and goals
2. Provide solutions and design
3. Customer’s final decision
4. Assemble Prototypes
5. Customer’s Approval
6. Mass production – Product Assembly
7. Customer satisfaction & support

Conference Room

Top of the line SMT machines

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